GTA 5 - World's Greatest Drag Race 10 (ALL SUPER CARS (Before Smuggler's Run DLC)


PLEASE NOTE: Catch up and Slipstream were OFF. All vehicles were fully modified and it was a "mash the throttle" drag race. No handbrake launch or speed boost of any kind was used. This is a 2 Mile Drag Race. The surface we raced on (building blocks) did provide slightly different results than a regular road.


Link to the Race:

Special thanks to the PRIMARY DRIVERS who participated and helped make this possible:

1. Bravado Banshee 900R (Edub_1234 - His YouTube Channel:

2. Pfister 811 (cheesemcfurr581)

3. Grotti X80 Proto (youssef595)

4. Progen Itali GTB Custom (lichi0914)

5. Dewbauchee Vagner (jordan_xxy)

6. Truffade Nero Custom (mordecool3 - His YouTube Channel:

7. Vapid FMJ (x6d9teehee - His YouTube Channel:

8. Truffade Adder (Me)

9. Progen Tyrus (allendude51 - His YouTube Channel:

10. Progen GP1 (KINGAARON2193)

11. Annis RE-7B (GC187 - His YouTube Channel:

12. Pegassi Osiris (MyLongUsername)

13. Progen T20 (Tuxedo_Guy69 - His YouTube Channel:

14. Pegassi Zentorno (iGoldaze)

15. Ocelot Penetrator (GamerkidGFH)

16. Ocelot XA-21 (StoneMase6879)

17. Overflod Entity XF (JSTHouseholds - His YouTube Channel:

18. Pegassi Reaper (saay_whuutt)

19. Grotti Turismo R (chiquii0220)

20. Pegassi Tempesta (gfhclip1 - His YouTube Channel:

21. Emperor ETR1 (THEMEXICANGIRL16 - Her YouTube Channel:

22. Grotti Cheetah (addhert - His YouTube Channel:

23. Pegassi Vacca (tacobellsupreme3)

24. Pegassi Infernus (njethwa)

25. Karin Sultan RS (PrimePilot447 - His YouTube Channel:

26. Vapid Bullet (hpowlman - His YouTube Channel:

27. Coil Voltic (BlueKnight781)

Special thanks to the BACKUP DRIVERS who took time out of their day to be on standby if needed:

1. Pfister 811 (f7ood29)

2. Grotti X80 Proto (FBIMichael15)

3. Progen Tyrus (Savage_242Jay)

4. Annis RE-7B (Onirot27)

5. Progen T20 (deadlycobra65432)

6. Ocelot XA-21 (TAKEN by EpicGamer497)

7. Emperor ETR1 (aka_JBug)

The Rules/Guidelines were:

1. Must be on PS4 on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7pm Eastern Time for a minimum of 2 Hours for the whole event.

2. Vehicle must be fully upgraded (Full Engine, Transmission, Turbo, Brakes, and Spoiler (if applicable)).

3. Must be in game chat and have the ability to HEAR me (you do not have to talk). To minimize error and 30 people talking other each other, please do not talk unless you are spoken to or have a question/concern.

4. Be respectful and follow instructions given by the race host.

5. NO handbrake launching, double clutching/downshifting/speed boost of any kind.

6. You must mash the throttle at the indicated time given by the race host.

7. You cannot honk your horn at any time.

8. Your cars primary color cannot be painted black (Because it blends in with the black platform we are racing on)

9. If you cannot make it to the event, it would be nice if you have your own back-up driver ready, out of courtesy, with the same vehicle fully upgraded and tell them to message me privately on PSN at oakinbirch1020.

10. Do not spam in the World's Greatest Drag Race PSN Chat (This chat is intended for reminders and car availability). IF you have any comments, questions, or concerns please message me PRIVATELY.

11. If you break a black/yellow barricade, accidental or not, you will be given 1 warning. If you do it a 2nd time, you will be kicked and replaced by a backup driver. This applies for all intentional breaking of the rules.

12. Check the current availability of cars in the description of this video before messaging me privately on PSN at oakinbirch1020 if you are interested in participating.

Music used in video:



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