Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE YouTuber Supercars (Logan Paul, KSI, Jake Paul)


From Jake Paul,Tanner Fox, KSI here are the NEW Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE YouTuber Supercars. YouTubers like Logan Paul, TechSource, Yiannimize, CaptainSparklez, Shmee150, and Salomondrin

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Tanner Fox - Nissan GTR

Jake Paul - Tesla Model X

TechSource - Lamborghini Huracan

ComedyShortsGamer - Lamborghini Huracan

KSI - Lamborghini Aventador

Logan Paul - Mercedes G Wagon 4x4

Yiannimize - Lamborghini Aventador S $310,000

CaptainSparklez - Mclaren 675LT

Shmee150 - 2017 Ford GT, McLaren 675LT Spider and More

Salomondrin - Many Supercars

Nissan GTR Liberty Walk

Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE YouTuber Supercars

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