Hacking Facebook Account with Brute Force Attack 2017.


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- This tutorial is based on brute force attack not hacking facebook site!. There are many attack to steal Facebook account like Phishing, Keylogging, Session Hijacking, Social Engineering and Cookies Stealing.

# How it Works:

- It works on the method of trying list of passwords.

# What i need:

1 - Facebooker Perl Script.

Here : http://gsurl.in/3ydF

Wait 5 Sec and Skip Ads

2 - Word list.

You can make it using CUPP or Crunch or download it from google

CUPP : http://gsurl.in/3fXv

3 - Any OS Support Perl lang.

For windows users you can download perl and install it from here


4 - Victim Facebook E-Mail or ID.

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